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No love is greater than that of a father for his children. If my boys are happy, then I’m happy.



Born: August 13, 1992
Birthplace: Shreveport, Louisiana, U.S.
Walker’s original love was basketball, until he began playing baseball at the age of 11. Walker attended Yucaipa High School in Yucaipa, California, where he was a pitcher and shortstop, as well as a two-sport athlete.

Family Life

Taijuan Walker is emblematic of dedication both on the field and within his family. His steadfast commitment to his children and loved ones is as integral to his identity as his athletic achievements.
Taijuan has shown that while baseball may be his passion, his children are his world.


Walker’s childhood was primarily spent in Yucaipa, California, where his family moved when he was two. As a child, he was interested in playing baseball and was even part of a Little League team.
Walker’s father, Derek, played baseball at Grambling State University and even played against legendary pitcher Fernando Valenzuela in a game. Therefore, his father played a significant role in nurturing Walker’s love for the sport.


Nellie Garcia is a single mother who raised her four children all by herself and has become a source of inspiration for Taijuan. She belongs to a mixed heritage as she is half Mexican. Being a single parent, she also had to overcome several challenges in her life, but nonetheless raised her children successfully.
In 2012, Garcia was diagnosed with breast cancer, which became a challenging time for her family. However, she emerged victorious in her fight and became a survivor. Her successful battle has become the biggest source of inspiration for her son Taijuan. She has constantly been his biggest fan and critic.
Her strength and resilience in the face of adversity drove her son to successfully shape himself an MLB career.
Her mixed heritage and struggles against cancer have motivated Walker to represent Team Mexico in the World Baseball Classic (WBC).